Question of the day: what percentage of workers would you say are actually good at their jobs?

This is something I’ve thought about on and off for the last few years and I generally come to the same conclusion each time. I believe around 75% of any business, department or agency is made up of competent employees. Competent means you aren’t a screw up, you get your work done to the expected standard within the expected time frame and your boss can rely on you. Here is the rub – most people would call that a good employee. No, that means you are doing the bare minimum in meeting expectations in order to collect your paycheck.

I think around 10% of any given workplace is made up of bad employees. These are people that are stuck in a rut, have lost their drive or are there because they don’t have any other options. They still get their work done, but the standard is not good and they simply do not care.

So we’re up to 85% of the workplace now. I see good employees as making up another 13%. These are people that do everything to a higher standard than the competent employees. Odds are they do an unfair amount of work compared to the rest of their team because they have a good work ethic and aren’t prepared to just kick back when their work is done.

The last 2%? The last 2% are the great employees. These people are rare and usually known as the “go to guy”. They are at a level above the good employee – not only do they do things to a high standard, they have a deep understanding of their area because they take notice of things and are always trying to learn and improve. They are well known for making promises a competent worker would find daunting and over delivering on said promise.

What do you think? Do you agree with my numbers or do you have a different take?