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Just a quick post today as I’ve started a new job and things are still not quite settled. I came across a post on lifehacks a week or so ago regarding breaking out of your routine if life is boring. Being spontaneous and so on. So much seems to be made about living an exciting life these days. Unless you are out at parties or clubs, hooking up and generally being seen you are a bore. Funny thing is, all the people I know that are really successful (well, apart from some in the entertainment industry where things are a bit more chaotic) generally have a fairly set routine. They go to bed early, they get up early. They have their meals made ahead of time. They eat much the same thing each day. They work out at the same time each day. These people are productive, healthy, fit and happy. They don’t find their lives boring and mundane, and could care less that other people do. Having been out of regular 8-4 full time work for 6 months, I have noticed several changes due to being out of routine. Eating and working out are less than optimal – your body becomes used to working out at a certain time each day and I felt tired and off when it became different. Productivity and sleep was also affected because my only routine was that I had no routine.

Now that I’m back in regular full time work, my sleeping patterns are stabilised and I feel tired at the same time each night and wake up the same time each morning. I’ve lost the couple of extra kilos I put on just by eating normally again. I feel much more satisfied and happy. Routine really changes everything when it comes to living a happy, productive life.